Central Bank of Algeria, RTGS system (RTS/X)


Central Bank of Algeria, RTGS system (RTS/X)

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Central Bank of Algeria, RTGS system (RTS/X)

Bank of Algeria (BA) put into operation the ARTS (Algeria Rea Time Settlement system) in 2006 within the framework of the country’s financial infrastructure modernization project. The CMA company designed the systems, adjusted it according to the national regulating authorities and legislation requirements, delivered, installed and setup the software/hardware interface system. The vendor was chosen as a result of the tender carried out by the Bank of Algeria under the aegis of the World Bank. The system was launched into live operations on February, 2006.
The task of the project was to develop and implement an automated system of online collection and processing of big payments. Access to the system is executed via the dedicated network providing high speed secure information exchange between the system participants, Bank of Algeria and its departments. ARTS also supports the opportunity of "shared access areas" usage in case of unforeseen connection breaks with one or several participants.


Status: The system went into live operation in February 2006 according to the project schedule



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